My Haiti Story

In 2010, I was entering into whatfriends call my “third” mid-life crisis...I know... some of us are a little more complicated.

I had spent a lifetime traveling around the globe...Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Nicaragua, Aruba, Colombia, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico... but I remember the most memorable trips were the ones to third world countries.I was always drawn to the simple uncomplicated lives.These were the trips where you spent a lot of time in self-reflection wondering... “have I really made a difference in this world”.

Christmas of 2009 was spent in the Dominican Republic with my family. Shortly after returninga devastating earthquake struck Haiti and like many I was glued to CNN night after night. I couldn’t comprehend the destruction and loss of life in a place only miles from where I had just been.

In search of something greater than myself I decided to visit the people of Haiti after the January 12th, 2010 earthquake killing over 250,000 people. No reservations... no plans.. just me and a backpack. That trip forever changed my life. Once home in the states I spent less than 60 days on US soil and then found myself back in Haiti. Drawn by its people, their potential, their hope, their survival...

Since then I have traveled extensively in Haiti, established a home, began learning the culture and visiting some of the hidden treasures Haiti has to offer.

My contribution to Haiti is to rebrand it's image and change the way people think about visitor at at time.

Haiti has made a commitmentto renew the tourism market. New hotels are being built, eco-travel companies are emerging and tour companies are coming back.

These are my travels...come see the “real” Haiti.

Haiti Travel Adventures 2016